AKUBRA Hats Official UK Importer

For over a century, Akubra’s fine felt hats have adorned and protected generations of Australians. Akubra started out as a small family operation in Tasmania, and now employs over 90 trades people in Kempsey, NSW, manufacturing thousands of hats each week. Over the years Akubra has maintained its ability to be in vogue. Our hats have become a vital part of Australia’s identity, and now worn worldwide by soldiers, Olympians, politicians, personalities and of course, loyal, everyday countrymen and women.

Elm Of Burford are the official UK importers of Akubra Hats. We also stock a varied collection of exceptional mens and ladies country clothing as well as footwear, hats and accessories from premium manufacturers from around the world. Like Akubra Hats only the best will do. See our range here on display in the shop:

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