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Frequently Asked Questions

What size am I?

Akubra size their hats in centimetres circumference as do many modern hat manufacturers. The more traditional measurement is diameter in inches. The comparison between the two can depend on where the measurement is taken and a few other things to consider like how loose the type of hat is worn. If you are taking your measurement from a different type of hat like a cap, straw hat or hats that are worn loose or converting from one measurement type to another, you may find that the fit is not what you expect. In that case we recommend you measure your head again to make sure before buying online.

Yes, in that the hat has been impregnated with a waterproof compound along with the chilac that stiffens the hat. Eventually this will wear over a decade or two and tiny amounts will leak through. Also as many of the hat have eyelet air holes calling an Akubra 100% waterproof is not exact. Having said all that, your head will be dry underneath in a complete downpour, so yes.

They are made from the underfur from rabbit pelts turned into fur felt. The rabbits are farmed, not just farmed for fur but as a by-product. It would not be possible to make a quality felt hat out of wool felt.